Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random conversations.

My friend once told me that no woman has straight legs. He said that
they either have their knees almost touching or their legs way too
seperate from each other- i was defensive then,but after paying a keen
attention to them walk,he was right. But what of models? They always
seem to have straight legs-well that's the beauty of the catwalk and
long legs they make you look good! So am seated at the students hang
out place on campus-and before me are two people. A guy hitting on a
girl who finds the company of her ipod better than him. Wait! He's
just asked her out to lunch. Am still waiting to hear her response-but
she shrugs him off! He asks again...then she says that she is full.
After a while she asks to move to another round table-he gets up first
and secures a seat before she does-(any sane person would know he
ain't no gentleman). Another lot of friends are talking of how petty
some footballers are. 'kwani,si a ball is just a ball. Ati,the
jabulani is too round-si they play rugby basi!' A guy joins them,and
am eager to hear what he has to say. 'Stop talking like people who
haven't done-geometry! They have a point that can be looked into-if
the ball is too round,perfect then the angle of elevation is
affected.' Stop it! In my head am thinking that its high time I stop
eavesdropping and work on my term paper. I get back to reading the
book- 'a can of madness'-by Jason Pegler-a freelance journalist who
happens to experience manic episodes.

Totally awesome!