Thursday, July 1, 2010

Words at dawn,hope at dusk.

There are so many things that run through our minds at every second. We can call them ideas or insights for this post,but if not followed through,they become more like the wind and lose value after a few seconds. How can a person focus on ideas without obsessing about them? I recently ran into posession of Robin Sharma's -the greatness guide- and since then I have come to appreciate every work on inspiration. So,today I ran into,a guy-just a random dude who got the idea to open a consulting business firm and guess what? He did just that and has worked with the likes of Zain,Safaricom,KPMG and even Unilever! Ideas can be actualized,how you might ask! Well,write down your ideas,cause if it is not written it never happened! Then you should take time and rationalize their functionality,then work on sharing it with people and seeing it come to pass. I will be having coffee with Robin Sharma again,will let you know how it goes.