Thursday, June 10, 2010


'I heard about two brothers when I was a child. One was a farmer the
other a shepherd. One was older,the other younger. I heard that both
sought favor from God but only one was accepted. The older brother got
mad and his anger and envy led to the demise of the second one. When
God asked him where his brother was,he asked 'am I my brother's
keeper?' The brothers were Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel. I used to
have a brother-not just any brother,an identical twin. He was a
lawyer, I was a cook. He was charming but charm can be deceitful. He
loved to listen and stood by me when no one could-he loved the meals I
prepared. He cared and dared,but he's been gone for 10years and I have
never been accepted into my family because of losing him. I own three
restaurants,a 4 bedroom mansion,a Honda crv. I have more than enough
because of God's grace. To the world and my fans- I am George,the
richest bachelor. But Cain was envious of Abel. I was never envious of
Jonathan,but how can I defend myself when I do not know what happened
that night? I am George,he was Jonathan. If it is one thing I know I
am not Cain,I am Abel,and for what it's worth-I am my brothers'
keeper. So here's what happens at my restaurant which is located on
Kimathi street.

Totally awesome!