Thursday, July 29, 2010


By now you must have concluded that I am addicted to coffee. Well, that is somehow true but I am in love with coffee. A good cup can see you through the day in so many ways that a sober mind would not. Listen, I am just saying that I love coffee, not that you ought to take coffee at all times. So, I am an internet junkie and I love going on social networks and making new friends. I also love digging around for information-getting to know what people think about many controversial issues. I recently came across a site that was extremely appealing and for anyone who loves Art they would probably be there already it is You can check it out in your free time, back to what I was saying. I just finished taking a cup of coffee and I am elated! I have been having various ideas for stories and it has finally dawned on me that I can see where to fix what and how to achieve the desired result. This morning I wrote two pages of my story. And while taking coffee I just read the latest on editing a manuscript and talked to a couple of writers on how to keep the story flowing. So I am pleased with myself.
Just know, that we all have to work hard to achieve some positive result. Things that come easy also vanish easy! It is not wrong to be pleased with yourself after accomplishing something, just keep working at it. You can get better with every single effort that you make-I am off to get myself a refill, before I attend my Sociology class at 3:30pm.

Totally awesome!