Friday, July 30, 2010


Today is Friday,and I have made some good friends online in different
social networks. I asked myself earlier on-why do we hate what we dont
know? I find it amazing that some if not most people hate what they do
not understand. Stigma is part of that. If we set others aside based
on our prejudices,we slowly kill them and ourselves. I guess am
emotional because I met a guy,he is 17years old and in high school. He
has no friends let alone a deskmate because he is HIV positive. It
hurt me and it still does to think that everyone distances themselves
from him because of his status. But we hate,prejudice and discriminate
due to ignorance. But ignorance is not an excuse-this is the age of
information. People you don't contract HIV by being a friend,you
actually learn how strong and lovely people are. I was hurt and
ashamed that such discrimination does exist. I might never meet the
guy again-he is going abroad on scholarship-but I am glad that I was
the first person he met who was not ashamed of having lunch with him
and hugging him. Let us work to see to a better future-talking of
which,this girl has to complete a manuscript by the end of August.

Totally awesome!