Saturday, July 24, 2010


Out with the old and in with the new, sounds familiar right? Well, it is a nightmare to anyone who has been in the field of writing. It is all about slashing, replacing and it is tiresome! So what happens when a much talented writer decides to edit his/her work after completing the manuscript?
 They realize that whatever they are reading is not what they set out to write. See, every writer has a story in mind, there is a certain way in which the story has to spin and the characters have to act in a way that pleases the writer. The writer is the creator of the characters. But during editing, most writers figure out that their characters have set their own path. They are rebellious. The protagonist becomes the antagonist and so on-simply put it is frustrating. But it is also great! Why? Well, it is during the process of editing that a writer can discover what his/her true voice is and most of the time it comes to us a shock, but once we accept it, then all is set for publication.
Same goes to life, when you have so much clutter around you-it is wise to clean it all up. Get rid of the people who bring you down or make you feel useless and keep those who cherish you and at times act as reality checks. This act of balancing gives you a clear perspective on what you live for and can help you focus a lot more on what your purpose in life is. If only you would just get around to some editing!

Totally awesome!