Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I guess that all has gone as expected and when it comes to taking things down I simply do what I can. I am a writer and I have come to know that it is not such a good thing when you are mistaken for a reporter. What is the difference between a writer and a reporter?
Well one has to tell it the other has to do both. The reporter has to tell it-he/she can use writing as a means of gathering data but at the end of the day he/she has to tell it the way it was. A writer on the other hand has to do both. He/she has to tell you the story by showing it to you through the words that he/she uses. I was at some bank here in Nairobi waiting on the queue for over fifty minutes to pay the electricity bill and pulled out my pen and paper and started writing about it. I figured it would make a great blog post. Then the man behind me, nugged me and asked, "are you a reporter?" I was stunned! Did I look like one?
I was wearing boy jeans, flats and had a back pack, did I look like one? Talk of camouflage!
So I smiled at him and said "no" then continued writing only to be served an hour later. The bank was upgrading its systems, now what bank would upgrade its systems for three days knowing so well that they had clients who were so impatient? There are distinctions between various aspects of life and at times without knowing it we take the easy way out and let assumptions rule the day. Assumptions show our opinion but they are not facts, at the end of the day we have to know the difference between facts and opinions. A fact has scientific and empirical data to back it up while opinion does not.
Totally awesome!