Thursday, July 1, 2010

Readings...part 2.

I have been looking through,great works of literary art and learned
that at times,things do not fall into our hands as we'd wish them to.
So after reading Robin Sharma's book, I have come to value thoughts
and actions and how the two make life have its meanings. I had coffee
with Steve Biko yesterday and today and I am truly amazed at how wise
and true to his cause he was and feel empty at how much Africa has
lost. He fought for black consciousness and it led to the loss of his
life.I might have coffee with Gandhi tomorrow and get inspired by his
ideas. A great one told me never to feel guilty for owning a lot of
books-they are a source of inspiration,knowledge and vocabulary,so for
the rest of my life,no one will make me feel guilty for owning such a
huge library. Just like Martin Luther King Jr said-'if a man is called
to be a streetsweeper then he should sweep the streets even as
Michaelangelo painted..'and so I do things to the best of my
ability-such that anyone who gets in line after am gone views my work
as a prototype. Daily readings are life and thought changing and they
should not be taken for granted,read in the matatu,on your bed before
you sleep,or when you wake up and jumpstart your greatness.

Totally awesome!