Saturday, July 31, 2010


If you have read Shakespeare's "Hamlet" there is a part where, the current king Claudius thinks that Hamlet is insane.And the kings chamberlain finds him in the study and asks Hamlet what he is reading. Hamlet says. "words, words, words and more words." Hamlet is not crazy, he is feigning! But there is a twist to it, words are just that. They are words, nothing more nothing less-just words! But to a writer, words can either build or destroy. Words separate a villain from a hero, a child from an adult, a sick man from a healthy one. Some editors believe that for writers to "show and not tell" they have to know what they are talking about. That is partly true, at times all you have to do is sit down and ask, "what if?" and then you have a story. It is not easy to weave a tale about people unless you have a clue as to what they do, say or think. Words are just words. When they are read or spoken, then they become alive and stronger. They are able to evoke emotions and as such can build or destroy without much effort. To say that getting things done with words is easy would be a lie. Why is it that many people fear or loathe writing essays in school? Why do many employers ask for employees who have excellent written and verbal skills? If words were just words, we would have a tough time accepting or learning how to express our emotions and thoughts. You might be reading this and at the end still say, "forget it, words are just words!" Well I guess then that those are your words-you thought or uttered them and my job would be complete. I shall have evoked an emotion or an action. I shall have made you say or do something as a result.

Totally awesome!