Saturday, August 7, 2010


So, today seems to have started out well except for some dog that was barking like crazy. I woke up at 7:00am and snoozed my alarm till 7:20am before getting out of bed. TOday marks the last day of class. I start my exams next week. I am well aware of what lies beyond that. But I struggled with one question after watching "Prince of Persia." What if we could turn back time? What would I change in my life? What would I do away with? At times it feels so nice to know certain things but then at times it doesn't. When you know enough and can use it for good-then it is great. When you know too much yet none of it concerns you-then it is somehow bad. Every person reaches a certain point in their life when they have to let go and start a new. This could be through, divorce, death, leaving home for campus, a new job, a new relationship, a new town-city-or country, or at times it could mean just one "AHA!" moment. There is nothing wrong with branching out-starting a fresh or even taking a break to see what lies out there. What matters most is how you take it. Do you sit and whine and refuse to branch out? Do you wait until the time is right? Do you simply go out there and see what will happen?
For every tree-there is a branch that seeks to start out on its own. IT has to be weak at first-has to ensure that all the food and minerals from the roots reach it, it has to stand the strong winds and rain. But when it matures-a 15kg or even 100kg person can sit on it and watch the sunset. Every hurdle we face in life shapes our character and maintains our personality. We just have to be positive about it! So maybe you have been having a rough week, it is the weekend-relax, grab a good book to read, listen to some music, play with your kids or even take a walk. Do the one thing that makes you happy and at peace and be elated in that moment.
We all have to branch out sometime in life, question is have you?

Totally awesome!