Sunday, August 8, 2010


Anyone who has ever boarded a matatu here in Nairobi would relate to what am about to say. I got aboard a matatu today and paid the tout as he expected of me. Then after a while I ask for my change because he seems to have forgotten to give it to me, so he looks at me and says, " I already gave you a hundred shillings." I simply refuse and stare outside the window. I am known to some people as calm and to others as short tempered, but the tout had stepped on my short fuse!
So I decide not to get ahead of myself and smile at him thinking that if I can count backwards then he would disappear. Or better yet time might stand still and I can beat him up. So I think again and say that there is no need for such violence, he gives me back my money and I mutter under my breath that I shall never board a vehicle where he is the tout. I am good at recalling faces and his has been imprinted on my memory bank! So, you are probably reading this and thinking, "yeah, that has happened to me too." Well, we all have breaking points-we get pissed off and react in various ways. That is one unique quality that we have-but the difference between us and animals is that when they are pissed off they act on it. A bear would tear you apart without a second thought, but a human being will think first before acting. Well, not all human beings---to understand this you had better read HAMLET!