Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I take it that you are seated when readung this article and if you are standing, you have somewhere to lean on-just incase you fall. Music is known to move people. There are different genres of music ranging from pop, classical, oriental, traditional, rock n' roll and a wholelot more. Music is beautiful because it has a purpose. It an send a message, create a mood or evoke a feeling. I am taken in by Eminem's music of late because there is a whole lot more to what he raps than any other rapper I know of. He does not, for instance, in his latest album -RECOVERY- talk of parties and having the best cars, best life and all that. Just like the title, he talks of healing, of changing his ways and hoping for a better today and tomorrow. His song, "Love the way you lie" featuring Rihanna, is a wonder to meNerd smile.This is because he does rap of what consumes people in a relationship. Humans are social beings, they are always seeking to belong and to make a mark in other people's lives. That is why we strive to make a good first impression! But what happens when we let our wants consume us? What happens when we want to be so perfect such thatwe forget to laugh, smile, live and cherish precious moments? Have you ever felt like you are trying too hard to make things right? To actually get noticed? We can get burned by our efforts, or by our desire to get the limelight...at the end of the day, what matters is you knowing how to tell an A from a Z.