Wednesday, September 22, 2010


SO, if you received yesterday's post you must have noticed a typo. It is "reading" and not 'readung." It sounds as though there is a lot to do but somehow, sitting here and typing seems much better. The cyber management has just decided to play some music-I did not ask them to. Since it is Toni Braxton, I will listen and pretend that am comfortable. I am not against her, so do not get me wrong here. On my way to town I boarded a matatu and the drama unfolded as follows. We were at Utalii and this lady got a call.
She told the caller, she was at Ngara, and will meet the person in less than five minutes. I looked outside the window and stiffled a smile. Then a couple of men-aged say between 36 and 50 years aboard started talking about the elections that were held this week. To them the winners were deserving and the losers, had better be humbled and think of another career. They went on about the ups and down of being a politician especially with the new constitution and this time I listened. I did not stiffle a smile, giggle or look outside. I listened. Why? Well, I have told you before that one of the perks of being a writer is eavesdropping. You beocme aware of what is happening around you. You can dream characters or life situations but to give them life you have to observe and listen to life!
So, it got me wondering, why is it that Kenya is the only country where everyone has a political opinion?