Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is no song title or commentary but a blog post! I have had the opportunity to be on the road for a long time and now that am well rested there's a lot to tell. Most people I have come across call me a dreamer, some are pleased to have met me; others simply wonder if I talk at all. Life has extremities I have said that. Whether you believe it or not is yours to settle.I was working on a chapter of my third book yesterday when it hit me, what kind of legacy I am creating and whether it will stand strong when am long gone. Don't shake your head and say am crazy, am not. I ask myself lots of questions and most of the time seek answers everywhere I look.
So, what will people remember me by when am long gone? Will they smile at the thought of me or simply curse the day I was born?
Life is like walking in the sand-- you leave footprints. These footprints can be washed away by the waves, blown by the wind or even overshadowed by other footprints. What then makes a footprint last long in the sand? Nothing! Yes, nothing---because nature is ever changing to create room for many more. To leave a legacy means dedicating your whole life to seeing it come to pass. It is not a power struggle but a call to preserve your conscience. You keep doing good and positively impacting people. Who is to say that a person can even do better than you did, but that does not mean that you were not their inspiration.

Totally awesome!