Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am a new person today. How do i know? Well, I woke up feeling refreshed and I went on doing what I had planned. That might sound easy, but it never seems so especially when you set about your duties. I bumped into a friend who asked me two questions. "How are you doing?" and "why have you lost weight?"
I stood mesmerized at the second question, because I look just fine, I haven't lost weight and I had just walked say for thirty minutes to get to her, I was thirsty! We never know who values us until that time when we are facing problems. Your friends will either run towards you or away from you. You can wallow in your thoughts and pain but what matters is whether you let them in. Do you allow them back into your life, after they ran away? Do you make them permanent, those who stayed?
Each thought is accompanied by an action and at times we fail to connect the two. I guess, I have to sign off now and start working on my project. I am torn in between two topics: "The male ego: what it means to be a man," and "What is quality higher education?"
Let me know what you think.