Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Have you ever come across friends who simply help you before you even ask? They
simply know that you need them and they do not disappoint not even one
bit. How many of those do you have? It would seem as though time goes
by and the number of friends we have reduces. Some give up hope of
ever having them back in their lives, while others hold onto what is
not there. Either way it is up to you.Am still intent on getting some
of the things in my to do list like way off and that would be crazy
but almost true.
I shall call my list "the cranky list." I am not cranky, but I thought
of the word "awesome" but that has been taken. The other was the
bucket list, but am not dying or a movie icon. I thought of shopping
list but that would mean spending loads of cash. I don't think so!
Well, the list has to be something that I have always wanted to do but
have never gathered the guts to do. For starters I shall call a friend
who has never talked to me because of a guy. Then I shall write a book
in one week. Which I know would be crazy! Then dye my hair say "brown"
no, am going with "maroon." After that I will volunteer my services at
the next home I come across, so that makes my top 4. The list has 100,
so let's get going!
Totally awesome!