Monday, October 4, 2010


It is a Monday. Waking up at 7:00am to find the lights out, was
unexpected. Taking breakfast in a dash was completely expected.
Cleaning the house was planned for. But having a transformer right
next to the apartment blow up, was not expected. I repeat, it was not
expected. The power company is still working on getting the lights
back. The weather is so pleasing that the clothes on the line are
swaying. I am elated. Then again, am seated at my fave cyber in town.
There are three or four ladies who have given me the look. You should
know what the look is by now. I am spotting a very scruffy afro. They
have looked at me like am in need of a great hair dresser. I am
waiting for one of them to hand me a business card. But if they stare
at me for one more minute I will simply walk up to them and chat! I
can't listen to music cause my phone has decided to take a chill pill.
I am glad. I have this packet of fries that is filling up the room.
Wait till I board the vehicle home, then the people will all suffer
from hunger pangs.
We all have some beautiful thoughts, but that does not mean that all
the things happening around us will the beautiful. Most people do
good, hoping to receive favor. But this favor depends on a lot of
factors that are at play. You may think this would help, but it hurts
more than it should have. Guess, I have to get out of here, go home,
relax and keep writing. I am taking an approach that I hope will be
beautiful on both ends. I am writing a novella. A collection of
thoughts and full of emotions. It might be boring or interesting, but
I am sending it to all I know. So if, you are in my list watch out for
a nice -say Christmas treat. Just read it and offer your feedback. Now
I seriously have to go talk to those ladies!
Totally awesome!