Thursday, October 7, 2010


I love orange. He loves green. We share orange. Have you ever thought of the relevance of colors in life? What would the world be like if all was in black and white? If there were only those two colors and you had to love either or none. Have you ever been in a crowd of people and tried to spot the colors that are familiar? To smile, and say that at least you know? It is the same with life. Because something is related to the other. It is just up to us to make the connections. In life there are relationships. We learn to compromise at times to make things work. But how easy is it to do that? Focus on my introduction: "I love orange. He loves greaan. We share yellow."
Okay, all I know is that orange is my fave color. I do not wear it often. Why? I am dark. So a bright color can make me look light a traffic light from afar. So I settle for a brumble color (that's a bright but humble color-as in not too bright, and not too dull).  Orange is just bubbly, honest, creative and full of energy to me. Think Fanta orange. So he loves green. To me green is calm, dull and just not my color. Psychologists say that it is a color of insecurity. But I chose to ignore that and focus on what we have in common. Both orange and green are tertiary colors. They are made up of two colors. Check this out:

And that is how we both share yellow. Yellow, like the color of the sun represents a new dawn, Hope, life and it is pleasant. So in life, when we are down or in trouble and nothing seems to add up, we have to look for the color yellow. We have to look on the bright side.

Totally awesome!