Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"I married him because we love each other." I heard that once in one of the episodes aired on teli, on the wedding show. See, I have a problem. A very huge problem with that. Isn't it curious that the rate at which people fall in love is synonymous with the rate at which married couples divorce? I adore the 16th century all the way to the 19th century. They had certain rules about life that could not be broken. By then, the term "democracy" had not emerged. People were fighting to have the term accepted and put into practice. Legends like Karl Marx were completely against capitalism, because it would make the rich richer and brutal. It would also make the poor poorer and struggling to keep up with the rich. Karl was not wrong. We are waging wars against calamities, instead of fully understanding them. There a war against, poverty, gender inequality, homophobia, human trafficking and many more.
Back to what I was saying, in the past centuries, people did not marry because of love. They married because of companionship. They did not get married because they fell in love with each other at the first sight. Marriage was a community and family affair. It was proper and valued. Nowadays there is more of looking good, and having a ball at weddings, such that some people are hired as "wedding entourage." They have a plot every weekend. I come from a family sustained by a single mother. I am grateful because you get to open your eyes. Reality is there. It is only easily clouded by fantasy! That aside, I love weddings, they create a happy mood. But why is the divorce rate so high? Why are cases of infidelity constantly aired on the radio? Is that what we have become? I love the classical times, because courtship was a process. A couple had to bear with each others' faults over a period of time before getting engaged. The man had all the time to focus on a beloved, to know what he wants and how to keep it. A woman could make a man wait-she had high standards that he lived up to. She did not yell or nag him. She constantly tested him and he passed the challenges. People married for companionship. They suited each other and would complement each other without a sweat.

Totally awesome!