Thursday, November 25, 2010


Okay do not freak out if you are already reading this. I am glad you
got past the blog title and the first sentence. What is a career plan?
Well,for starters it is kind of a future projection of where you'd
want to be in terms of your profession. For example,a writer might
include publishing say two books a year,then going for an editorial
post three years later,and maybe creating her own publishing firm!
That's a little bit of what a career plan entails. It is important to
establish one because it helps us focus on our line of profession. For
some taking a pen to write a list of things to do is hard. So I will
make it easy,get a book. Make it your personal companion. On the first
page,you can write your name and contacts. Then on the second
page,start with the phrase 'when I grow up I want to be a...' Once
you're done,you can proceed to the next page and start by writing,'I
am already grown what have I done?' Then you write what you have done
in your lifetime. List as many as you can. After your list is
complete,mark or tick those that you think are in line with your
dream. Then write down what you have achieved or whether you've taken
another line of a profession totally different from the first one. Say
if you wanted to be a doctor,but didn't get the cut-off points to
university and opted for a diploma in business. With the career plan
you work with what you've got. Then gain all you need to advance as
you see fit. I did my career plan and I am still on track to be a
Child Psychologist. In so doing you can check out my other blog
'Hearts of Gold' at

Totally awesome!