Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It is really good to make other people smile and feel really good about themselves. I have been racking my mind with a project that I am to work on next year. It is focusing on some children that I have come to love and identify with. There are many concerns like funding, time, energy and all that. But it is my project and I will work at it by and by. So this morning when I ran into an article in the DN2, page 4, on this guy who has formed a network of all the orphans who leave their respective homes when they become of age, I couldn't help but smile. I felt as though it was a sign from God that I should proceed with the project and so far so good.
But it is not easy to smile when we are faced with challenges. When people stress us it is easy to forget that we can  be happy. Most of the time we are left with so much time dwelling on why they are so mean, hurtful, why the pout or click each time you pass, but we can work on it. A smile is a wonderful thing. It makes us fell good anytime. It has the power to do the same to others too. I chose to smile today because regardless of the issues I have I am still human and worthy of being happy. Besides, my cheeks do not glow when I frown!
So for today, smile!
For tomorrow, smile!
For the days thereafter-smile!