Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I was told that in life one has to be patient. That to get the good things I have to work hard and wait. I was told that I should always obey my elders and take with kindness whatever they tell me. I was also told that I should dream big if ever I want to make a change in the world. I thought that when I grow up I would not have to listen to them. That they would let me be and see me make the difference. I thought that in doing as I was told no harm,hurt or disappointment would come my way. I actually forgot that what I was being told, had been told to many generations before me. It was simply a way of communicating, of opening the mouth and shutting it. Of all I was told, one stands in my mind like an alarm. I was told by mother and sister in pretty much the same language, that I should go for what I want. That in seeking to make a positive difference are mountains taller than Everest, oceans wider than the Indian. That I will get hurt,disappointed, and even misunderstood. In all this I forgot to tell them how grateful I am for their advice. Why?Because they did not just tell me cause they can speak. They told me from their observations and experience. With the two I learn daily. They did not just tell me,they opened my eyes-to a different yet similar world.

Totally awesome!