Tuesday, November 16, 2010


If you live in Kenya chances are that you have heard it said in the news that we have to be more responsible. This time around there are many foundations, concerns and drives that seek to help out those in need. Some take it upon themselves  to establish a cause and fight for it no matter what. So, I decided why not educate some of those who read my blog.
For the men there are two kinds of things that they have to own at some point in life. A tie and pair of socks.
Walking around Nairobi can be very painful for someone like me, who loves the official look. So, let's focus, the tie is an accessory and a crucial part of the official look. It has to be done right. There are those who have a thick knot and that leaves the tie dangling just above their chest! This ain't so, if you want a small tie wait for a cocktail event and wear a bow-tie! Respect the tie if you must dawn it!
Then there's the aspect of socks. It's often been said that white socks are not to be worn to the office.Most people do not get why this is so. The official look has it's rules and this happens to be one of them. White socks may exude cleanliness but they do not exude loads of confidence and formality like the grey, navy blue, black or brown socks do. So stay away from white socks, don't wear them to work. Given all that I had better get back to my writing.