Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I woke up this morning and as I put my feet down, my mind raced all the way to what I had planned. I found it extreme that I had not planned to write and somehow felt betrayed. I had breakfast, walked to school and headed to the library. I put my bag down, located a comfortable seat and pulled out my journal. In it I wrote down the date and all the events preceding that time.
It not only shocked me that I did not want to write. But more so because that is the onset of my block. I hate writing blocks. I also kind of love them. But the 50/50 approach was not working for me today. So I went into my bag and pulled out my pen and started writing. I wrote about the place I stay, friends, the well varnished wooden seats in the library, the security guard whose phone kept ringing. I wrote about flowers-yellow flowers and in the end I wrote a few chapters of a novella.
What am I saying?
I am saying that we get to this point daily especially if you work. If you simply get up go to work and do the same thing over and over gain, getting out of bed can seem like a disaster. Most people are so busy saying how they wish they would not go to work because it is boring. Most of them forget to appreciate and observe the things that happen around them. The people you work with wear different clothes, they always have a different story to whine about or narrate. Each day comes with different experiences and we should start looking out for these moments as we get to work.

Totally awesome!