Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vampires and romance

I am writing this article hoping that you have watched "Twilight" or "True Blood." If you haven't I take it that you have at least read the stories by Stephenie Meyer with regard to Twilight. It is a story about forbidden romance, where a vampire falls in love with a human being. The vampire is Edward Cullen, the lady in question is Bella. Their love faces a lot of challenges but they are there for each other and in the end they live happily ever after or so we are told.
There are people who sat down and seeing the sudden interest in vampires produced a movie, "vampires suck." I am yet to watch the movie and make my comments. But why do these stories sell?
Simple psychology-they are based on human emotions! The easiest way to a person's mind could be through their emotions. There is nothing different between the vampires and todays' men. In fact the vampires represent the kind of men we have today. They are complex, suffer inside and are in constant need of care and loyalty. They tend to harm and protect and do so in ways that women cannot understand or resonate with. But deep down though they are jerks, they are simply caring. So there is not much a difference between the character and personality of Edward Cullen and a man in any relationship. My friends told me that I should stop being so tough on men. I should stop reading them like a book. Truth is if I were to read a man like a book, I would have done so in under an hour! But books speak with one voice-we hear different things. So, the next time you sit down to watch a movie-think of how it relates to your life, it might just help.