Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I love rainbows. They are so bright, beautiful and rare. They do not last forever and if you don't cherish the view, then you'd have to wait for another one to show up. Life has it's moments. To me, it is more like a rainbow when it comes to the relationships we have with others. we can choose to have people in our lives or to do away with them. Rainbows also remind me of my primary school Science teacher who made my life hell. Can you believe he demanded so much from me that I ended up with gastric ulcers in class seven? Anyway, he also taught me how to ask "why" and look for "because." I ma much more grateful for the latter. Rainbow people are those whose personalities remind us of the seven colors of the rainbow. I used to have a friend I called Yellow, because everything about them would make me smile. I would light up as bright as the sun. They turned out to be a mess, and so Yellow is kind of a sore spot to me now. I love orange-it is full of energy and bubbly. It is also deemed the color or creativity by some. Of all the rainbow colors, what stands out most is Indigo. Do you have anyone in your life whom you never really understand but can't do without them? I am talking about those people whose reasons for what they do is not clear or conventional, yet they are the ones who are always on speed dial? I have a few friends like Indigo-they always support me while standing ten feet back or across the country. I guess am saying, that someone does not have to hold your hand 24/7 for you to know they care.

Totally awesome!