Thursday, April 14, 2011


I mean the game people. You know the toy that bounces up and down? I have always wanted a yo-yo, but never got one. Even when I had the money to buy one, I often picked a book over it. Yo-yo's are relentless, they are always sure to bounce back no matter what. Like when you release it,you are sure it will come back. Over the years economists have grappled with the question, what makes people happy? In the 18th century, a little money is all it took to keep you going. Then when times started changing, many more thought that items of luxury would make them happy-so they bought televisions, vacuum cleaners, refridgerators, cars, big houses, went to expensive schools and so forth. But people are still unhappy. It is true that we all want the best of things-to out do each other in one area or another. We all like to be winners and not losers. I still can't help but smile at how big a deal economists are making of this happiness search. People are not happy because they are selfish! People may seem to add years as they proceed in development, but the egocentric nature they had as 1 year olds lasts a lifetime. It is only not so much pronounced. It is very rare to find people as resilient as the yo-yo's. Women througout the centuries have been credited as taking whatever comes their way, but nowadays one can't help but ask should we keep going or give up when all is against us?