Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Legend has it that somewhere along the shores of Indian Ocean lies a power. It is not visible because it can only be felt when you gaze at the ocean. All those who seek it, never experience the power because they are not worthy of it. Legend has it also, that the power belongs only to a generation of women. It is a power so strong yet it weakens it's beholder. Others say it is a curse-but truth is no one really knows what it is. Those who have lived to tell of it, have either gone mad,blind or died in their sleep. Legend however knows of one woman. Her name is Asila. Rumor has it that whenever she opened her mouth-a strong voice, as strong and sweet yet vengeful as the ocean itself could be heard. It is said that her voice could take communities to war and bring them back to their senses. She could only be heard singing at 4:00am...somewhere near Diani Beach. Those who also were at Mtopanga said her voice was like a siren of angels announcing impending doom.  The same legend has it that she walked into the ocean-saying it was calling unto her and hasn't been seen since. If this legend is indeed true, then there is a woman out there. A woman whose voice is a powerful as Asila's. A woman whose heart is as big and whose radiance matches not even the moons'. This woman is somewhere, if not everywhere...this is the legend I am working on right now.
Totally awesome!