Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I managed to finish my second novella sometime this week. Truth is, i was done writing it by April 4th this year, but still had to do lots of editing. I am done and then there comes the question, what next? What am I going to write about as my next project? For most writers, this is a period where they get back to the world. This is the time when they look around to try and notice the unique elements they  had previously ignored. Nope
I get to do this from this week and so far I am pleased to say that I am making progress. There are three places you are bound to locate me, if in any case, you are within Nairobi. First, is Rangers Fast Foods opposite Gill House, second is the Tuskys supermarket that is opposite Mr Price on Moi Avenue, and lastly well the Muthurwa market at Bus station. I am embarking on a journey whose destination is unknown because I have to study men. I am working on my lead character, who roughly would embody a Metropolitan man-of course there are other spots I can pick character traits-like Java houses, Nakumatt lifestyle, Sarit centre and all-truth is I already have, I just need a contrasting view.
For writers, generating stories is part of life. There is the constant need to imagine, create or show what this world is. In life-we have two kinds of people; those who generate stories and those who are a generation of stories. Those who generate stories are quick and forever on the go. It might be positive and negative. In that most liars generate stories to conceal facts. Those who are a generation of stories, have achieved a positive thing in life. They have impacted humanity in ways that deem them heroic. So which one are you?