Monday, May 23, 2011

Seeing things differently.

Do you see things differently?
Yesterday, a good friend was upset about a situation that she was in. She felt as though her parents could help her out of it but they chose not to. So, when I saw her and asked how she was-she started venting out her anger. I know...seems like I am the perfect venting place! So, I sat there listening to her and before I could speak up-I had taken three cups of black coffeeNerd smile.
She was not pleased and she was so fixed on her parents help that she could not see other options. What did she want? A new handbag. How much was it? It cost Kshs. 5000. Why did she want the bag? She had just seen it at an exhibition mall in the city and fell in love with it. I asked if she told her parents the same thing. She confessed that she had.
It took me an hour to make her see she was on the wrong. The bag was a desire-a want, and not a need. It was indeed almost end month-her allowance was due in a week and she could use it to buy the bag then. I asked her not to be mad for it was her parents money. Parents are more concerned with needs-are the bills paid, fees, meals and so forth. She could not convince them to buy her a bag on a whim1 In fact she could not even convince herself  as to why she had to have it.
Moral of the story: You need to looks at things differently. If you find yourself in a fix, look for alternatives. Try them all and then settle down and wait for results. Some con artistes, thanks toLaughing out loud White Collar(the series) always have plan A-Z. If one fails to produce results then move to the next one!
If you see things differently-and more positively chances are you might avoid all the stress factors in your life!