Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Have you ever been lost for words? I mean, when you see someone you know do something so unexpected that you can't speak up? I resumed session this Summer and was shown a video of my friends birthday party which I missed. She was in a good mood-for the first thirty minutes of the taping. Then somewhere along the way-she had too much to drink and was dancing on the counter-top of a club here in Nairobi. My other friends found it amusing-I was speechless. I never knew she took alcohol and could dance that much. So, that is a social scenario. In life there are extremes-on one pole there is the positive and on the other the negative. Some things we consider bad can make us speechless-like witnessing an accident or being locked up and so on. Some would be good like winning the lottery, acing a test, getting engaged and so forth too. So, I am focusing on the positive pole and here's a list of some of the things that have rendered me speechless!
These things are just so awesome...or show traits of genius that I have never encountered on a personal basis.
  1. Atlas Shrugged-by AYN RAND. It is a very deep,philosophical book that asks, what we would do if the people who moved the world stop doing so. That is if all inventors, scientists, innovators-just stopped sharing their knowledge, what would happen?
  2. Love. I am talking of the scenario where things simply do not make sense, yet a person sticks to their partner like glue. One may cheat, insult you or even fail to keep their promises, yet people still stick together-and no, it is not called compromise.
  3. Google. I blog, can send and receive chat messages via phone. I can also get access to information through the search engine, Google Baraza and did I mention the notebook? Any writer would understand what I mean by that.
  4. Facebook and Twitter. I link the two because now I can simply use texts to update my status on both sites-no sweat!
  5. Justin Beiber. If only I could tape my nephew-Jayden, singing along to his hit song "Baby" then you would clearly understand why am amazed at his musical ability. I did not receive him well at first,because he was only 13 when Usher took him up as a mentor. After his first album-I am amazed at how good he is, both in writing songs, playing the guitar and singing-his dancing still needs some work though.
  6. Mozart. He is a masterpiece in the realm of classical music, but I think he was human. He managed to achieve some of the things we yearn for. He could understand what it means to live and to die and all about movement and nature-to me that makes him good at what he does.
I appreciate so many more---one would ask what about Spiritually? The awe I have or experience when it comes to spirituality cannot be expressed in this post, what's your list?
Totally awesome!