Monday, May 30, 2011


I love Mondays!Rolling on the floor laughing
When I was in high school-I used to hate them because I had a double lesson of either Math or Physics which were not my strong points. I came to love Mondays when I joined the university. It is the only time I can tell who had a long weekend or who never thought a new week had started!  So, I always sit in the school cafeteria or at hangout joints and look at people. At times I find myself amused-at times I end up being bemused! The feelings vary depending on what is happening on campus that week. I had to pay rent in town today. The queue at the bank was long, but all in all I made it to campus! Yay!
We cannot choose which day begins the week. We did not invent the Gregorian calendar. We also have the option of knowing what to like and what to hate. So, I might like Mondays and you might like another day say Thursday or Sunday. Our tastes vary, yet we can still get along and appreciate the little things in life. Mondays signify beginnings to me. I might start off negatively but I always make a point of knowing how to change my perspectives and look forward to better days. I love Mondays also because now I have my fave lectures on this whichever day you like, be sure to smile and feel good about it. A smile goes a long way...