Monday, July 25, 2011

Inspired by Amy

I have been reading this novel "Any Place I hang my Hat" by Susan Isaacs, and I am taken aback by the lead character Amy.
I know this happens whenever you pick a good book and can't seem to stop reading it. There are so many characters we identify with given the challenges they encounter and how they overcome them. It is no secret therefore that I can't stop reading this book.
Amy, is an Ivy-League graduate who is a top columnist for a newspaper, (In-Depth). She looks into the background of a top political figure during campaigns and finds out that he has a son with another woman.This son, has never been known to the public and Amy embarks on a journey seeking the truth.
She also is the daughter of an ex-convict and never saw her mother. Her Father, Chicky, got 4-6 years in prison for stealing a ring- which apparently was stolen by Amy's mom. In all this Amy finds out that she has one thing in common with the Senators' alleged son. Both of them have unanswered questions. It is a matter of identity.
I love this story and the character because of three things: I love Susan's works, I like over-comers and witty people.
Given the fact that life has many turns, and we are often wondering where we fit in, this book is simply shedding light on engaging in activities that strike closer home. Say, take an example of charity- most people do not see the value in their families until that time when they encounter someone who has none and is yearning for the love,support and protection that comes with most families.
Have a wonderful week, and when things seem blurry, be like Amy, take time off for a walk (and don't say you are too busy working to do so!)

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?