Friday, August 5, 2011


She walked up to the door and looked outside.
It was cold and the wind blew right into the house, so maybe that was the guest! She locked the door and turned to her kitchen.
It was the night she would have tea and a slice of bread then drift off to sleep. She had to compile the final report the next day. Her boss was going through a divorce.It was his family issues displayed all over the papers. They had gotten a memo telling them not to listen to radio. She wanted to listen to various stations, but all they discussed was how unfaithful her boss was. He paid her bills and upkeep-she obeyed him.
She heard a knock on the door again. It was louder this time.
She held the fork in her right hand and walked to the door.
One latch-open.
Second latch-open.
Third latch-Lord let it not be a thief!

"You! It's almost 11pm what do you want?"
"May I come in?"
"I told you to leave me alone Jeffery now what do you want?"
"I read the papers, you can't believe how evil people speak of him. It's almost as if, he is the devil or something like that, what I don't get is why he takes it on, do you?"
"Jeffery-you are drunk and you need to get home. Now go!"
"Did you leave me because of him?"
"Go away Jeffery?"
"Answer me, at least...I didn't come all the way just to turn back and leave."
"I left you because you are an alcoholic. I left you because you said you quit and you would still drink, because though you bragged to the whole world that you were a man, when it came to alcohol you were a slave. If only you were man enough to admit that, maybe I would have stayed."
"Do you love him?"
"You needed one answer not two."
"I am still asking, why doesn't he let them know that she cheated on him? Why can't he let her take the blame? Or did you ask him to lie low and let people talk?"
"Jeffery, goodnight."
"Do you love him?"

He looked up at her. She didn't have to speak for tears rolled down her cheeks. It was all he could ever do. He never made her laugh least of all smile. Their conversations always ended up with her crying and for once all the liquor he'd taken got soaked up in his veins and he saw how frail she was. He wanted to hear those words. He asked her to say them but she wouldn't because somehow-he was not meant to hear them. She was a victim too. She was also caught up in his drama-his divorce and she had to be there for him. She was selfless. Jeffery pulled out his card and placed it in her palm and turned away. He wanted words-but all he heard was nothing.