Monday, August 8, 2011

Relationships Under Stress?

Relationships  constitute the bonds we form with other people. If they are either short term or long term-they are still deemed as relationships. Short term relationships can be say with a room-mate, or say someone you meet at the bus station, cafe, or on a trip home. Most online friends we have are short term also. Some long term relationships are like family, spouses or even colleagues at work (if you will be there for say 3 years or more).

So, when tough times come about, who is most affected in relationships? Have you ever wondered whether other people are affected by your actions during tough times? Life is mostly about the kind of relationships we have, our attitudes towards them and what roles we play in them. So I'm asking when tough times abound are you the runner or the spectator?

The runner is always quick to seek solutions and can burst out in anger at the people around them during the process. Most runners are not good at dealing with tough situations because they are impatient and as such want the tough times to pass so they can enjoy the good times. This also makes them either fast or slow. The fast runner though irritable and bitter will be quick at finding and applying solutions while the slow runner would not. The slow runner would instead take time in implementing the solutions.

Then comes the spectator. There are two kinds of these too: the easy to please and the hard to please. The easy to please spectator will patiently wait for results without committing to the process. They would just sit back and whatever idea the other person comes up with will be okay with them. Most of them are easily depressed but you might not know because they seem content on the outside.

The hard to please spectator expect a solution and a perfect one. Nothing anyone does seems to be good enough. They are irritable, bitter, and have low self esteem. Such people need some confidence classes! Where do you fall? Think of various relationships and the tough times you have experienced, you might just find out that all apply to you but in various relationships.