Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Have you listened to Daughtry's "Learn my lesson?" I would not take the credit for this title, because his song has inspired this post.  I have been listening to his album and there is so much to learn from his experiences through his songs. In this day and age, most people are looking for music that not only makes them move but also moves them. I am talking about music that evokes a feeling and a thought, not music that makes you break-a- sweat.
This summer, a lot has happened and we have seen so many things come to pass that are unbelievable. There have been stars who have fallen, people who've hurt us, achievements we hoped for but haven't gained, questions we asked but haven't got the answers, people we love who do not feel the same and most of all-breaths we took in times of crises. Right now Kenyans are still giving to the Kenyans4Kenya project which seeks to feed the starving people in Turkana and Somalia. There are also talks about the education system and the politicians being a let down. The inflation has hit the roof, some are still looking for better paying jobs,and so much more.
If I were to ask you to pause and reflect on this summer, what lessons have you learned?
What are some of the things you did that make you a better person, an inspired person-or some that make you less of a person? If you get the chance, you can listen to "Learn my lesson" online, and there's a phrase that I love so much-" ...if you strike a match, you're bound to feel the flame."
This phrase always makes me stop and evaluate my actions, thoughts and most of all what I want in life. Is it to be successful or to add value to people's lives? Do I elicit a genuine smile from people I encounter? How many people have I encouraged or listened to and gave them my support in their endeavors? What do I value and why do I value it?
A lesson comes from an experience. You cannot experience something without giving your endeavors your all. You cannot also say that you did not learn a thing from an experience. If you feel that say after meeting an old friend for lunch, that you felt nothing-it shows a state of being static. You have to be dynamic, the little things you pick along the way matters most.
This summer, might have been the toughest or the easiest for you, but what lessons have you learned?

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