Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simple things

There's this cliche that goes "good things in life are free." I have this cliche stuck in my head today as I walk around the town. It started out great with only one intention: going to borrow some books to read at the library.
On my way there, I heard some guys whistle at me.
I also heard some call out at any random lady "tsk tsk!" I also got to witness people arguing over who was on the wrong on the road. I witnessed a bitter exchange of insults between a "tuk tuk" driver and a matatu driver. One would think that all this was amusing, but to me it just made me stop to ask, how many things people do notice in a day?
 How many things do we take in from what is happening around us?
The best part of my short trip to the library was this group of men seated around a man who was roasting maize. What I found amusing is how well they argued about Arsene Wnger and his decision to buy players-they even went to the extent of suggesting the players he should buy and why.
If such discussion could be directed into better ways of community development, imagine how much Kisumu would have accomplished by now? Enjoy your weekend.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?