Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Summer's over and Fall's here.
Having had a delightful summer break, now Fall seems to question most of my dreams and ambitions and I am falling short of answers!
I took time off blogging because I wanted to start on another book-which to my surprise has picked up well. It took me three weeks to learn that I can write teenage stories real fast, and my Grammar needs improvement. So, I have been reading a book on Vocabulary which has been whipping me of my sense of pride! This book was published in the 1980s and it has terms that can only be found via Google and not in the English dictionary!
So in the midst of my frustration, I thought of the word "Change."
Change [cheynj] : to transform or convert.
It can be positive or negative depending on the circumstances.
This summer, it hit me that a lot needs to be changed, or better yet transformed starting with peoples' mentality. It came to me as a shock when you make an appointment but the person you are to see, does not show up or let you know otherwise. It was also a shock to see a senior manager walk around the office in blue bathroom slippers, and say "I am busy" when you need a signature on a piece of paper.
The other shock was how fast people are are concluding the negative about strangers & their neighbors without prior engagement.
So when I talk of changing a person's mentality, it is simply put-climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in your pyjamas, and with a blindfold. A lot needs to be changed and in due time, maybe with the Psychology I have learned I might cope better with such shortcomings.

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