Sunday, October 2, 2011

Friends ---Beyond friends

A friend told me that I should make him famous-give him some time in my blog and that's what I intend to do.
He's undertaking his masters degree in International Relations and always knows I need a good cup of coffee and a slice of cake and when he needs to stay quiet around me.
 So, two days ago-I run into him and he has this wary look which is so unlike him and we get talking. I had to convince him to walk me home because he was waiting for his other friend (our mutual friend) who had class.He weighed the facts and agreed to walk me home, besides I knew something was on his mind and I wanted to know what it was.
This is roughly how our conversation went:
Me: So what do you have planned tonight?
Him: I just want to get home and sleep.
Me: You are not going out with Brian and Mark tonight?
Him: I'd go if you joined us, in fact we've never gotten you out of your place the whole night-and I'd say you're missing out on so much!
Me: Why do you look so beat?
Him: Seriously, do I look that bad?
Me: Yes, what's up?
Him: Nothing.
Me: I'd listen if you want to share what's up, who knows you might just go home feeling better, I like it when all my friends smile-if they look as beat as you,it worries me.
Him: So, you are worried about me?
Me: Yes
Him: Why do you write?
Me: You will be okay, I just know it, but your decision not to talk about what's bothering you does not mean I won't always be willing to listen.
Him: Women! You know how to twist words, woe unto us if all women were professional lawyers!
Me: Thanks for walking me home and better get some rest, okay?
Him: Good night, study and be a good student, Lord knows your parents deserve the best from you.
Me: I always keep that in mind.

He called that night, and our conversation lasted an hour. He felt comfortable talking to me over the phone about his concerns and I am glad I listened. Before he hung up, his request "better tell those who read about your encounters about me, especially the part where I walked you home."
I guess I have done my part-still glad that he's okay.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?