Monday, December 19, 2011


So for the past few weeks I have been asking myself so many questions about humanity and what happens when person dares to change what we all know as the norm, what then? I am not talking about a huge revolution like that in the Middle East, rather, I am thinking of a huge change in mentality. What we know and believe to be the ideal, can change and when it does that's when Psychologists come in and the so does the word 'trauma.'
We are traumatized when we are forced out of our comfort zone and left with so many questions and no answers that seem to solve our perceived problems. So, this got me thinking a whole lot about the heart and the mind. What difference is there? Is the heart better than the mind?
The mind is known as the greatest gift ever accorded the human being. It is also known by most as the store of what we are taught or what we see. The hearst on the other hand is deemed as the kingdom of feelings and nothing more. It is also known to be tangible whereas the mind is not. The mind is visible through actions and thoughts, but the heart is more through emotions and intuition, so what's the difference?
My little sister is adorable in ways that I cannot explain, she can be so wise at times and the she can sometimes be so unbearable intellectually, but she got me writing again. In facts he got me journaling and this is because she realized my dilemma. See, when you are faced with social injustice like women taking babies to be househelps and mistreating them, or babies begging in the streets, or kids dying of hunger and the sort...the heart and the mind are in conflict. I was so sickened by it that I could not think straight, what came to mind was crying for a while because in essence that's what I wanted to do, but she told me "why not hearmin it first?"
I was like "uh?"
The she says, "just hear yourself first, then you will find a way of solving it or of feeling a little better, these things take time"
Imagine how shocked I was, so I decided to hear myself first and kind of accept what's happening and my disgust and pain all at once, I did cry for ten minutes, it was a good cry though-then I went straight into what I love and jotted it down. She made me see sense in being helpless and that's what I leave you with...when you are helpless, declare it then take time to hear your thoughts and allow yourself to experience all the emotions that come to you, then take it from there... just "hearmin it!"
How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?