Saturday, May 12, 2012


"Woman!" well...that's how my elder sister sometimes calls me- when she does this, I either run or start apologizing, why? Well, I must have taken too long to communicate with her or I have done something that she believes is an embrassment to the womenfolk!
So, today's special and to all the Mothers out there "Happy mothers Day."
I thought of saying My Mom is cooler than all Moms, but my Sister shrieking "Woman!" at me, just made me hold my horses. Now that I have no horses and I've decided to take that literally, I daresay, My Mom's the coolest. Imagine raising a child for over two decades-and putting up with their strange habits and concerns. It recently hit me of what Shakespeares' Mother would have thought of the boy. "Hey, why are you talking like that, stop talking like that?"
Or better yet Leornado Da Vinci's mom- because genius is untamed and I'm sure she must have seen the curiousity in young Leornado and must have gone bonkers trying to tame him!
But Mom's are special and they always have that soft spot for their children-it is because of this that no matter what happens home is where our heart is. It is the one place that we go to, where love is endless. It might not be rosy all the time, but the fact that someone cares for us more than we could ever understand is strong enough to keep us coming back.
Thinking of Mother's day, have you ever wondered why some fictional characters never get the acclaim for all they've done?
Like Tiana's Mother and Momma Odie in The Princess and The Frog , here both women stand by Tiana-and though they do it differently-the previous out of maternal instinct and the latter voodoo and hope- well, they still do.
Sometimes it just hits me that a mother's love is everywhere- all you have to do is look around,not only in human beings, but also in the things that human beings create like movies, books, paintings, songs, acts--and many more.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?