Saturday, May 19, 2012


According to Greek Mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth. Zeus ordered Hephaestus, the god of craftsmanship to create her and he did  so from earth and water. Pandora once created was endowed with all gifts from the gods hence the name "Pandora." (Now you know my name after the 'pan' means 'Gift from God.')
So, fast forward and Prometheus steals fire from heaven and Zeus wants revenge and he goes for it by having Pandora married to the thief's brother. Now, Pandora had a jar which she was never meant to open but out of curiosity she did and it unleashed so many evils. She tried to shut it, but in the end-all harm was done and the only thing left at the bottom of the jar was "hope."
So, now you know...I must admit every time I have heard people talk around me for this past week it has felt more like a Pandora's box.Let me elaborate: Monday I make my way to work. I walk for about twenty minutes before getting there-sign in (so my employers can validate my presence and commitment to them) then after that make my way to the pink plastic chair at the corner. See, I always get there early and have to wait for the main office door to be opened.
Then we have some time to relax before we leave for the field.
But that aside, on Tuesday through to Thursday it is pretty much the same thing and then all changes on Friday. Everyone comes to work jovial and they are glad to have the weekend to themselves. I had previously written about work and success and how much we are fooled (here ).
Then I came across an article on the Nairobi Star, 14th May 2012, "Mutoko on Monday" and she was talking about Genretaion Y. I take it these are people born in the 1980s way into the early 1990s. Her take on this generation if I may simply quote it "They want to look like winners more than they actually want to be winners."
So, how does Pandora's box and this Generation Y article link up?
Most of the people around me fit in this Generation Y, and I am in this group too- but at work the only thing that amazes me is how much life there is like Survivor Vanuati! There are talks between people, hushed tones, people liking comments they have not heard, reading into gestures and smiles yet all have hope- just like Pandora-they all have hope but what they hope for I know not, and it bothers me that I do not know.
It makes my mind run for miles and my heart is on a race that at times I believe I am going crazy...well, not that crazy but it's like one moment it's this and the next it is not and it is beautiful to behold.
So given that I have seen all this, it makes me wonder:
  1. Why do you seek employment?
  2. Who do you work for as an employee? Do you work for your employer or with your employer? or do you work for your employer's money?
  3. If you would up and leave would you regret it?
  4. If there was one thing about your employer that you would change other than what he/she pays you, what would you change?

I guess Pandora wanted something better-she wanted to be of use and to appease the gods who had been kind to her and so she agreed to be married to the thief's brother- but her curiosity unleashed evils and all she could ever do was hope that one day with her gifts and time she might set things straight.

Same with us, we have gifts and talents-but somewhere along the way we are deluded by shortcuts and other people's successes that we think we can go the same way too- we get disappointed , but we have hope of getting back on track all we need then is courage and determination to stick our course.

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How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?