Saturday, June 2, 2012

Catch me IF you can!

I never could run as fast as #Nyabisi as she strolled in High school.
So, what sport did I engage in? Well, Scrabble and walking--- and eating if all that could count, yes, and sleeping too! But I was good at Scrabble and still am.
Now, there are certain things that very many people (Psychologists included) say that are overt. You just have to see them and you will believe what is coming your way, so one time this happened and it got me thinking of the word 'exit.'
You always have to be on guard if you are a field assistant. First, know where you are going and what you need to do and if there's an emergency you need to find a way out.
So, we carry some green canvas bags and are often in the company of very wise Village elders who know the terrain and the culture of the area better than us. Now, we walk into a home-we seek the attention of a girl who would be probably 25 years old-and when we get to the home we greet them as is customary. I am standing near the elder waiting for his go ahead. And a man, of roughly fifty years old-in a white vest and some old shorts-pokes his head out, he looks at me-the elder and he bolts out of the house, jumps over the edge and is gone before I can pull out my stop watch and tell whether he is faster than Bolt!
So, the chicken that I am...I look behind me ready to bolt too in case there's danger lurking behind me.
Alas! There's only my bag and trees and the sky is beautifully blue and am pleased! Then the elder starts laughing and I'm like, 'share the joke,Man!"

The guy bolted because he thought we were Childrens' Rights officers come to arrest him again after he defaulted on paying their fee.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?