Friday, June 1, 2012

Just get Moving!

Growing up when someone threatened me that they'd tell on me, I'd often offer to escort them to my vindicator. I mean, you want to tell on me? Cool, let's go and you tell them what you have to say about me and we'll see if I'll die.
When I turned 14, you could tell on me 'whatever!'
When I turned 20, there's never nothing to tell. You just look at me all you want and if you have a problem-that's your problem find a way of fixing it! Now, I came across three friends-and we started talking about what it meant for us to grow up and now that we are adults what it feels like.
Okay, I will back track to 1980's to 1990:
  1. We played hide and seek and could hide as far as two estates away from the meeting point.
  2. We played in the rain and even bought ice sold at One shilling!
  3. We'd walk for hours just visiting friends and wherever there were good mango trees that bore great fruit-we'd find a way of derailing the security guards and dogs and get away with the mangoes.
  4. We'd eat baobab (mabuyu) seeds, and then rub them on the floor-and because of the friction they'd be hot enough to burn that annoying person who didn't share her pencil with you last week.

Now way into 2000 and beyond:

  1. If you don't know anything ask Google
  2. It's cool to wear the latest trends, and FYI hide and seek is for babies...and babies are 2 year olds and below.
  3. Don't talk too loud-just say what you want to say-besides, why would you have to walk for hours to visit someone?
  4. Don't walk for hours Text, Tweet, or write on their wall
  5. If you haven't done your homework or term paper : CCP- Cut or Copy then Paste, Wikipedia is also a good friend, but ask Google first before you proceed.

So, before I could say friend told me that at times all we have to do is get moving!

Time changes so fast and so does everything around us and since we cannot tell much about it all we have to do is move and hope that in doing so, we've led our lives without regrets.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?