Saturday, June 9, 2012

Coffee, a pen and People

I love having coffee, and writing and most of all, just observing people. It is beautiful to sit back and pretend you are relaxing but your mind is running a marathon trying to figure out what makes people tick!
I did take my time to go online for five minutes and I bumped into various sites that I love. For starters I came across Addicted to Ebooks and I love this site because just like Freebooksy it has lots of books and it's always great to read works by various writers to get a feel of their expertise.
But, while relaxing that evening something came to mind... have you ever gone out of your way to be there for someone?
I mean have you ever taken your time and peace of mind to comfort someone who is distressed? When someone cries on your shoulder, do you let them cry as you feel their tears drench your shirt and watch them blow their nose off every time?
I'd say that so much has happened and that every single minute we are writing pages of our lives. It doesn't matter what kind of pen you have or how fast you write but the fact that you do write is all that counts.
You might get to a point where it seems as though everything is going round in circles and all you get is bad news and nothing seems to stop the rollercoaster ride. I heard a colleague say sometime this past week that she appreciated the full force of gravity when she tripped and fell flat on her behind! We laughed of course, given how fast she hit the floor and how slow she was to rise. But, look on the bright side she did not focus on her fall- but on something else that she never regarded as important- gravity!
Same to people- most people never appreciate that something small could bring light into thier lives when things are dark. A laugh, being grateful to friends who are there for you, a walk, some music, and most of all you! Yes, when times are tough people forget that they can change thier situation. You can, it might take you a while or even years but you keep at it.
 I know you'd be asking how? or better yet, how far does such optimism get a person? Or In which world do you live? Bet, I live on earth- where humans inhabit the land and that optimism does exist. The moment you believe that you can pull through tough times-there's your optimism. See it to the end, as for the how? You have that answer. Each person has their own way of dealing with whichever rocks that come their way, and so...find a way of dealing with those rocks.
I bet I will keep on taking my coffee and jotting down some wise words from people around me.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?