Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Letter in My Suitcase

"Pick up all your tears, throw them in the suitcase...and leave without a second glance."
- Turn Right by Jonas Brothers

I found a letter in my suitcase. It was from someone I used to know years ago. I was in Bungoma, getting ready for the field and there it was -caught in between the fasteners in my suitcase. It was in white envelope. The handwriting was clear and calm. It was reassuring and honest. That letter was from someone I used to know. It was someone I've never heard from in over eight years- but it made me smile. I had a letter in my suitcase.

In life we have those bumps in the road or brick walls that make us stop or slow down. I love being on the road- and with every town I visit I carry the people I love in my heart.
It is like driving at 100km/hr and a bump somewhere in the road makes you stop! You stop not so fast- but you stop in time to think of all the decisions you have made in life and how many more you need to be aware of. Life is beautiful with bumps. Everyone might say that you have to do this and that-but unless you tell yourself to go, then it won't make any difference in your life. Just like the suitcase people have the capacity to bear only so much. People can put some under a lid and others simply don't fit in well.
That letter was from an old friend- it was written using a black fine nib Bic pen.
"Dear Dora, How are you doing? I am fine, I hope you are too. I know you are studying hard, but do take time to relax and write me more often, because being in boarding school gets boring- but when I hear from friends I am happy."

That was all. I know she wasted a twenty shilling recycled stamp- but I loved hearing from her. We'd call her 'Bomb' because she only knew what to say and when to do just that. Her heart was always in the right place- but sadly so I have never kept touch with her- and as I was in Bungoma, I thought of her and smiled.

Isn't it beautiful that just the memory of you can make someone smile?

Don't wait for some light from oblivion to shine upon you. You can only take so much- like a traveller going on some journey- pack what you need, arm yourself with the traits that you need to achieve certain goals. And maybe just when you turn right, you can leave all your tears and fears in the past- pick yourself up, get going and do things right.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?