Monday, June 18, 2012

Karma is nothing like Gravity.

Karma is not as certain as Gravity.

She does not spring up on you like Gravity does. And for this article allow me to refer to Karma and Gravity using the pronoun "She"- well, it's not because I like the term more than "He" but simply because if I my mind slips and the effect is transferred to my fingers then spell-check would not tell the difference!

Have you ever heard of the saying "be nice to people on your way up, because you will find them on your way down?"
I have. Now you have! So, having been out and about Western Kenya and working as hard as I think I can- somethings came to mind about organizational structure and how well all these books by Peter Drucker are not applied in most institutions. The idea that treat your employees as you would like to be treated. That respect is a two way traffic. And what do your employees think about you? Do they run or duck when you are in the vicinity or they chat with you? Do they dread coming to work on Mondays? Do they only look forward to one date in the calendar 30th or 31st?

But, I've learned this morning that Karma is more powerful and a sneaky beautiful piece of work that grips you so hard you can't breathe or speak!
So, there I was in My Mom's living room (yes, am still in love with my Mother's house) and my phone rang. So call it miscommunication or ego inflation- but someone felt it was right to get mad at me for not being in the office.
FYI: I have the worst chest pains and no amount of medication seems to ease the pain- and after visiting the Doctor I learn I my chest's congested and I have a cold allergy. Yes, when it gets too cold I cannot speak up-and my voice hibernates!

So, I listen and apologize for any inconvenience I have caused and continue listening to "Marching On" by "One Republic."

I need rest and seek it.

So- I wonder, would I make the same mistake? Would I at one time be so clueless as to the feelings and condition of my employees that I'd ignore any information they gave earlier just because I'm the boss?

And if this is so- what happened to listening and most of all understanding that people are different?

It reminds me of something my friend Brian once said "This is the 21st Century, there are all kinds of intelligence- we have the CIA, there's Emotional intelligence, Social intelligence, Book intelligence and Google intelligence- so question is which one do you possess?"

Be good to those you encounter-and let it be. If you are the top dog- be nice to everyone around you- you might be the kingpin in one territory and no where near a sniff of attention in another.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?