Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day Blues

First day at work and guess what?
I am back home at 12:30pm too exhausted to think straight. Now I understand why some of my friends wanted to quit their jobs the first day.
Okay...back to earth, it was a volunteer job and I was reporting at the Agape Ministry in Kisumu.
It is a shelter for street boys and they take them in and rehabilitate them and then reintegrate them into the society.
So, unlike most homes the boys in Agape are on transit and they are free to learn as much as they can- and also they stay in their home at their own free will but through Ministry and sharing of the Gospel the management hopes to have them change their lives for the better.

So, my day One: I loved the Bible Devotion we had and we focused on the Acts of the Apostles and it felt good to start the day with other people by commiting it to God.
And then I did help spread the beds and also clean the dorms and simply just listen in on what is going on around the home and it felt good.

I say I had blues because it hurt to hear what some of those kids have been through. It also hurt knowing that some had relatives who did not see the need of caring for them and as result they live life as though it is a jungle. For them every man gets their share of what they want and it doesn't matter who they step on in the process.

This hurt and even as I am writing this the only thing I ask myself is how I am going to be a blessing to those boys and how I will help the staff meet their objectives and what comes through.

I hope that it simply grows into an experience worth living and learning from.

How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?