Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why You Need to Do Your Best at All Times.

Once upon a time, there lived a builder. He knew how to build the best homes for people. He lived in some old times, and was not as well as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition . He had his tools and his heart- which loved construction so much, he'd sleep on it and wake up to it. He went to his Contractor one day and said he wanted to retire. He wanted to go home to his wife and relax. His Contractor was sad to let him go- but he said "Hey, I know you are worn out and I haven't been a very calm Boss, but would you build one last house for me?"
The man said "yes."
So, he went on to build the house, but he used cheap materials and didn't make it as strong and comfortable as the others. When he finished, the Contractor put some keys in his hands.
"What are these for?"
The Contractor said "That's your house. I wanted to give you a gift but since I am no Builder, I asked you to do me this favor-so I could present it to you."
The man fell on his knees and stayed silent. If only he knew, he would have built it best.

Are you using cheap materials to build your house too?
Well, back to me here (yoo hoo! right here...okay.) Seriously, are you adding value to your life now? I got this from a workshop training on the Measles Campaign that I attended today and was hosted by the Kenya RedCross , have you ever been to a disorganized training? Say, the talk starts two hours later, the speaker talks in three languages-neglecting the fact that not every one in Kisumu understands Dholuo, and yeah- the set up of the room sucks the air out of your windpipe. Meals are provided if you can eat burnt rice, which only ten people get-and seems like you are one hundred plus. Every question you ask has to under consultation- and the list is endless.

It was ironic that they talked of adding value to our lives, yet they failed to do the same in organizing the workshop. It was one big mess, that did see me make three new friends-and be chosen to present our group on Measles in Nyanza-and I realized that life goes beyond what is expected of us. Value like respect is a two-way traffic.You add value in your life, by working on your strengths-to achieve your goals-and in turn these goals would be seen by others and they can emulate you. It's like a candle. You light a candle knowing it will provide some light- whether it's as the dinner table, in the bathroom, kitchen- it is to give light.
You need to do your best at all times, not because it is demanded of you-or to show off, but simply because you can and when you set high goals and work tirelessly towards them-you will achieve them. Give yourself the best, go for the best, and share the best because there's a lot more inside you if only you let it show.
How can one change the world if one identifies oneself with everybody?