Sunday, November 25, 2012

Get a Free copy of "I Love You This Much"

As promised this past Tuesday I have written a short story. It's up for grabs on Smashwords and you can download as many copies and versions as you please.
Take your time and read it if you may.
So far: here's what it starts like:


Love is watching two people fall in love and become one. There was something dry and dusty about January. The wind blew all the time, and the dust rose with her as if performing a dance. It was beautiful to watch while seated in a café. It was painful to witness while walking along the streets of Nairobi. But, I made my stop as usual. I visited the Lounge and ordered a cup of House Coffee and a Croissant. They say work takes you places; mine had brought me to the Lounge. It was 10:00am and the Lounge was filling up. She came in vibrant and jumpy. She had short brown braids and a friendly smile. Her eyes were jet-black and I hated her earrings. They were some blue feathers that couldn't stay in place. They kept changing course tempting me to ask, 'hey, you bird! Keep your feathers in place before they dip into your coffee.' She settled in the table before me and waited. Her face was as smooth as any that make-up could magnify. She had a blue wrist watch- Swatch- that I have come to love. Ten minutes later a man walked in and settled beside her. He was jumpy and vibrant as well. The two made a composed mess. I pulled out my notebook and before you know it- I was part of their story. I met Nancy and William that dusty morning. His features are still a mystery, but I'd be wrong to deny that he was indeed handsome. She had coffee and a piece of black forest cake. He had coffee and some chicken pie. They walked out of the café two hours later. They were holding hands- and I knew a story had just begun."